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Al-Mutran is a 150-year-old Arab mansion turned guest house that offers private rooms in a unique old-world atmosphere. The Guest House was the mansion of the Kattouf family, famous for their quality jewelry and handmade gold, gemstone and diamond products.

The wealth that their craftsmanship brought them allowed them to build a beautiful mansion, with stunning tiled floors, balconies overlooking the city, and elegant architecture. Today, it has been renovated to include modern luxuries like WiFi and A/C while keeping the home’s period flavor.


“Mutran” is the Arabic word for bishop, and the guest house is so named because it is located next to a mansion that is the home of the Greek Orthodox bishop of Nazareth.

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Al-Mutran Guest House

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Al-Mutran Guest House Rank #3 of 16 | Certificate of Excellence 2017 | Pricing level: $$
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Excellent: 234
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Business: 17
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"Below average"
05 March 2018
The hotel is definitely similar to a hostel but with much higher pricing. The room and bathroom were very old. The manager is very nice, he makes great omelets but it definitely does not make up for...
05 February 2018
I have had the great pleasure of staying at the Al Mutran Guest House for the last 5 days and I couldn't be happier! Al l Mutran is a wonderfully charming 200 year old former residence with a...
"Wonderful "
03 February 2018
My friend and I couldn’t be more pleased with our stay. We enjoy unique accommodations that have character and charm. Al Mutran and its wonderful manager Odeh provide just that. This is not the...
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6099, Nazareth