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The building is one of the oldest  in Nazareth area which part of it belonged to one of the wealthiest families; El-Kawar family for more than 150 years .The building itself was owned by the first mayor in Nazareth; Tannos Kawar (1819-1888) who worked as a mayor from 1875 till 1884. The building is located in the old city of Nazareth, in the way that links between the Orthodox Annunciation church, the White Mosque in the old city and the Basilica of Annunciation.

The building is located as well, in El-Kawar Sibat. Sibat refers to the curved architectural structure and El-Kawar refers actually to the family who owned the building. How did the guest house gain its name, SimSim, is taken from the Arabic word meaning Sesame.

When you stay with us, you'll soon discover that "simsim" can be found in many traditional dishes.

In the area around the hostel, you can try many of these tasty, healthy, fresh and inexpensive local specialities. Mankushi is a simple yet delicious breakfast pita topped with wild thyme (za'atar) and simsim.

Yum! You may even smell it from our neighbour's bakery as you wake up.

You cold try a salad in the afternoon. Carrots with simsim, "zahara" (cauliflower) and "tahini" (also made from simsim).

Of course, you can't miss the local "hummus", made from chickpeas and lots of tahini. There's also "Tabouleh"... actually no!

This famous salad doesn't have simsim but is an explosion of taste and vitamins with other local products such as parsley, bulgur wheat, lemon and olive oil.

The Guest house Simsim Guest house contains 5 rooms, as 3 double rooms and 2 dorm rooms. the restrooms and showers are in common for all the residents.

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Simsim Guest House

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15 November 2018
We stayed in Simsim for a couple of days and we can only recommend. It’s very well located in the heart of the zoco, it has a very bohemian and cozy cafe attached and there’s a lot of culture and...
"Beautiful, Old City base"
07 November 2018
Gorgeous hostel with a wonderful cafe/shop run by the owners below (Liwan Cultural Centre) The room itself was a basic hostel room with bunks, and bedding we were given was clean and comfortable...
"A home from home..."
12 October 2018
I stayed a total of 7 nights at Simsim Hostel over two separate visits to Nazareth in the last couple of weeks, using it as a base to hike and tour in the area, and I loved it. It’s located in the...
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