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Longa - Espresso bar is a small place simple and elegant.

You'll find Great mix of locals of all ages with youthful atmosphere full of humanitarian.

The place is full with posters and signs, pictures that can be found all over the place.

The Place serve traditional arabic cafe, cappuccino, espresso and great taste in small meals and salads (Breakfast, Sandwiches and Vegetarian).

Longa cafe located in mercy's well area front of mamas cafe, if your looking for private sitting place this is the place for you!

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Longa - Espresso bar

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Reviews from our community
"Second home.."
25 October 2014
When im down,its my favorite m place to be in When i'm happy, its the place where i can find people to share my happiness with=].. The food is outstanding and the energy all in all is very comforting...
"The Place"
25 October 2014
Perfect place to chill during the day .... Unique atmosphere in the night .. Be in the center .. But away from all the noise .. The place to feel home while you are out of home .. So just take a...
"Amazing place filled with good people, great music and groovy vibes, a must for anyone going through nazareth"
22 October 2014
This place is beyond description, the food, the people and the rich cultural vibes you get here won't be found anywhere else in naz, this is one of the few places where one can truly get a feel for...
Location Information
6089 St 30-32, Nazareth
9:00am - 11:30pm