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Mama Salt Room & Cafe located front of the Greek Orthodox church.


The Cafe shop was created by Lin Mansour mother of Jasmine 6 years suffer from a crisis of breath, Lin created the room salt in Nazareth to relieve her child and other kids having the same breathing issue, since then Jasmine The daughter of Lin stopped taking the medicine.


The Salt rooms walls and the roof is made up of salt center and research suggests that it contributes to the reduction of skin ailments and breathing.


The idea of the cafe shop came after creating the salt room so the parents don't get bored and to have a cup of cafe or having a snake while waiting for their children to finish playing in the slat room.


Mama Salt Room & Cafe also offers Sweets "Brownies, Cupcakes, Pies...and much more delicious snakes and sweets and made in the place, every day with new fresh Ideas!

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Mama Salt Room & Cafe

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Reviews from our community
"nothing special about this western oriented caffe"
10 August 2017
first I should say : it is professional place. the service is good and the workers do their job professionally. beyond that this coffee suffers from the standardization of western oriented cafes...
"Excellent!!! "
06 June 2017
The food is delicious and the ambiance is unique. We really enjoyed sitting in this place. Highly recommended!
"Great food "
24 November 2016
We found Mama's by chance and it was a great find. Lovely fresh delicious food. Generous portions. We went back for a second visit two days later, just for a couple of coffees
Location Information
6089 30-32 nazareth
8:00am - 8:00pm