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Greek-Orthodox Church is located over an underground spring from which Virgin Mary is believed to have been used to draw water when she was announced that she will have the son of God by Gabriel the archangel.
At the beginning of the 17th century, two Franciscan monks used to live and worship God in that cave while it was still a ruin.
As the Greek-Orthodoxies colonized the city of Nazareth they had no place to dwell and worship God in.
Consequently, they were hosted by the monks in their cave monastery for the monks were aiming at increasing the Christian population in Nazareth.
Subsequently, the monks have left the cave monastery to the Orthodoxies and moved to the Basilica of the Annunciation and therefore the Orthodoxies remained in the Greek-Orthodox Church located in Mary's well square.

After their success in retrieving the possession of the Greek-Orthodox Church, the Franciscan monks had to cede it once again to the Orthodoxies thanks to Daher al-Omar intervention in 1741.

The church is located 360 meters above sea level and was then built with local money and materials.

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The Greek Orthodox Church of Annunciation

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Reviews from our community
"Plaza orthodox"
27 January 2017
Great place to feel the old times Nazareth. close to one of best Nazareth squares full of very nice restaurants. don't miss the fresh orange juice.
"Nice decorations"
24 December 2016
The inside of the church is much nicer than the outside. The decorations are beautiful, and it is kind of calm there.
"The other, older church of annunciation"
18 December 2016
The older (Greek orthodox) church, with many more locals and activity than the larger church of annunciation ten minutes down the road. Definitely worth the walk and comparison. A giant Christmas...
Location Information
55 Al-Bishara St
10:00am - 5:00pm