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Almokhtar original oriental Arabic sweets that you must visit in Nazareth.

This is the first oriental middle eastern sweets in Nazareth to open.

Nazareth Knafee (MUST):

The place main course is the Knafee (knafi), which is made from white sweet cheese and harry ( Knafee paste).

Also you will find all kinds of Middle east candy like cold knafi, Baklava, Bird's Nest, roled orange knafe, Burma, coconut cake, Sabrina, and many many good things!

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Almokhtar Sweets

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Almokhtar Sweets Rank #11 of 75 | Pricing level: $
Cuisines: Middle Eastern
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Excellent: 26
Very good: 6
Average: 1
Poor: 0
Terrible: 1
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Business: 1
Couples: 8
Solo travel: 4
Family: 11
Reviews from our community
"A great place that works already for four consecutive family generations."
21 August 2018
The have the best Knafe cake I ever had the opportunity to eat and I ate at many different places including in Akaba City in Jordan. The Almokhtar conditory was excellent
"Amazing sweet treats and Arabic coffee"
07 August 2018
Whether you like nuts, creamy cheese, or both with your honey and filo (or honey and shredded wheat), this place has the best and freshest in Jerusalem. Get them hot and sticky, right out of the...
"Best Knafe"
20 January 2018
This place has tons of different types of Arabic sweets. Mostly baklavas, but also the most delicious kenafa. Not too sweet not overly greasy, super fresh, straight out of the oven absolutely...
Location Information
Paulus HaShishi 89 Nazareth
10:00am - 11:00pm