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6134 St 2-8, Nazareth
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Dewan al-Saraya Restaurant located in the Old City Od Nazareth Next to the vagtibales market. The Owner of the place called Abu Ashraf and he makes Extremely Tasty Katayef and good arabic coffee. he's shop/Restaurant is a small living museum full of...
4011 62-70 Nazareth
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From generation to generation since 1974 Alsadaka (Friendship) shop, takes care of every detail to make delicious eastern sweets that everyone loves.
Paulus HaShishi 89 Nazareth
Almokhtar original oriental Arabic sweets that you must visit in Nazareth. This is the first oriental middle eastern sweets in Nazareth to open. Nazareth Knafee (MUST): The place main course is the Knafee (knafi), which is made from white sweet...