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From generation to generation since 1974 Alsadaka (Friendship) shop, takes care of every detail to make delicious eastern sweets that everyone loves.

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Alsadaka Sweet's

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Alsadaka Sweet's Rank #12 of 85
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Reviews from our community
"The best place in Nazareth for oriental sweet delights."
14 November 2021
Wandered into Alsadaqa by chance and was surprised by the selection, taste and cleanliness. Highly recommended.
"WOW what an amazing place"
18 June 2020
We were told that we couldn't visit Nazareth and not stop to try the cakes in this amazing store. We took home 4 boxes of the most delicious tasting cakes and all because we couldn't decide which...
"Best traditional Arab pastry in Nazareth"
05 March 2020
Sadaqa uses butter and very little sugar in preparing traditional pastries, many of which are full of pistachios and not peanuts. The service is excellent and generous. I bought two small packages of...
Location Information
4011 62-70 Nazareth
9:00am - 10:00pm