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Almokhtar original oriental Arabic sweets that you must visit in Nazareth.

This is the first oriental middle eastern sweets in Nazareth to open.

Nazareth Knafee (MUST):

The place main course is the Knafee (knafi), which is made from white sweet cheese and harry ( Knafee paste).

Also you will find all kinds of Middle east candy like cold knafi, Baklava, Bird's Nest, roled orange knafe, Burma, coconut cake, Sabrina, and many many good things!

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Almokhtar Sweets

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Reviews from our community
"Sweet temptations"
08 March 2023
The most delicious sweets I ate so far. The staff are friendly, helpful and polite. I would go back there everyday if I could. I hope they can have as many visitors as they can get. Try all the...
"The best KNAFFE ever !!"
04 April 2021
The best choice of Oriental Pastry and sweets including fnaffe ,baklawa'borma etc , centrally located on Paulus Avenue .
"Sweet Place"
18 January 2020
I don't remember the names of the dishes I tasted, but they were sweet in the very different ways, less and more sweet and taste like meaning. I actually enjoyed having food in this place. And the...
Location Information
Paulus HaShishi 89 Nazareth
10:00am - 11:00pm