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St. Gabriel's Restaurant serves a rich menu that includes authentic arabic and western food.

A team of skilled and professional employees provide accommodation and personal attention to all visitors.

The restaurant is very well known everywhere in the north, food is served tastefully and generously, various salad dishes, Cuba, sambusak cigars and more.

Meat dishes, all kinds of fish , a selection of wines and desserts and coffee with baklava are served.

At dinner and at sunset you can enjoy the church bells ringing in the background, and sit as in the ancient Arabic legends, sipping black coffee or rose water. You can dine in the hotel garden, the patio or sitting areas which are separated in order to offer the guests some privacy.


There is a parking lot and plenty of convenience. Recently, a beautiful wooden overlooking restaurant has been added to the hotel. Families and businessmen receive special service and food while enjoying their time and occasions there.

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St. Gabriel Restaurant
Location Information
5002 2-4 Nazareth
12:00pm - 11:30am