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Mensa Christi Church is located next to the Maronite Church along side to a spring in the so-called "Spring Neighborhood".
It is believed that Jesus and his disciples used to dine in the "Mensa-Christi" church.

The name "Albalata Church" in Arabic, as "Balata" means Slab; refers to the slab where Jesus and his disciples dined.
The slab is 12 feet long, 9 feet broad and 3 feet high.

It is believed that the monks built a church around the slab in 1781. However, the exact time in which those monks took possession of that place remains vague.
This church was razed in 1859 and was reconstructed in 1860.

A large chalk-stone rock is scored with graffiti made by countless pilgrims throughout the ages.

The church is closed these days.

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Mensa Christi Church

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"The place where Jesus showed himself to his disciples for the third time after the Resurrection."
06 March 2020
This church, of St. Peter, is built on the spot where the Savior appeared to the disciples after the Resurrection, where Peter threw himself into the water and swam to the shore, not having the...
"Mensa Christi, the "table of our Lord""
19 August 2019
It is a church built on the spot where Jesus, with his 3rd appearance to the disciples, roasted fish on the beach, and where Peter received confirmation of his calling. There is a statue in the...
"Truly lovely, peaceful place"
03 November 2018
This was one of my favourite stops in a frenetic 8 day tour of the Holy Land.The church of Peter's Primacy at Tabgaha on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee is a fairly modern structure (1930s...
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