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The Market is an oriental bazar located near the Annunciation Church.

It's a colorful, unforgettable experience for the tourist where one can both shop for souvenirs and rub shoulders with local residents.
As you walk the market you will find winding streets with a variety of scarves, shoes, olives, books, umbrellas, suitcases, kitchenware, locally produced hand beaten and engraved copper articles, Christian artifacts and souvenirs, and traditional hand - painted icons intermingled with fresh produce, exotic spices, fresh fruits and vegetables and special Arabic sweets. and more.
Each owner proudly sets his wares out early each morning and close up in the afternoon. The winding streets are crowded with sellers and buyers, locals and visitors.

The very unique passages and old buildings inside the market provide every visitor a vision about old Nazareth.

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Nazareth Old Market "Souq"

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Nazareth Old Market "Souq" Rank #14 of 22 | Type: Flea & Street Markets
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Excellent: 25
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Couples: 29
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Reviews from our community
"Not an authentic market"
30 December 2019
Too many shops of useless, low quality stuff and bad smell. Couldn't find anything authentic or interesting. The street itself worth walking through but I wouldn't stop there for shopping.
"Not so oriental "
18 October 2018
12 noon and place totally deserted. Even the stall sellers were missing. Lots of btickabrack and domestic ware. 15 minutes walk and that's it. However if you like coffee ☕ there is fantastic roastery...
19 September 2018
Typical market selling all sorts of things you don’t want or need. Very basic. Worth waking through. You may need something after all.
Location Information
6152 2-44 Nazareth
9:00am - 3:00pm

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