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In the heart of Nazareth’s old market, in a 250-year-old building,
“Abu Salem Café” has been operating since 1914. The oldest operating café in Israel.

The café was established by Andrews Abu Salem in 1914 when he was 14 years old.

In 1963 His son, George Abu Salem took charge of the place until 1990, when Sameh Abu Salem,
the second brother took charge of the café after his brother’s death.

Since 2007 it is managed by the Owner’s grandson, George’s son - Wissam Abu Salem.

Wissam a 3rd generation managing the cafe is also DJ "DJ WISSAM".

The Café has been hosting the local people of Nazareth since 1914, serving authentic Arabic Coffee and a variety of traditional Teas.

It is considered a center of social interaction between people– mainly men at that time.

It’s a place to congregate, talk, read, write, entertain one another, and mainly to play card games and backgammon.

Today the place has its regular costumers mainly pensioners meeting daily, interacting with the tourists visiting the Cafe and the locals passing by.

One fun fact about the regular customers, As time passed by and playing cards became the main activity of these costumes,
they play 2 against 2 in which the losing side invites the winning side for their drinks.

The Café is Specialized in its Home-made (Family recipe) “Innar tea” a Cinnamon tea with Walnuts,
and also the Huge selection of Herbal teas, which Wissam will be happy to explain its Health benefits.

Wissam, the 3rd generation managing the Café, dreams to bring Nazareth’s old market its Glory back – “it’s a magical place and people should have a taste of it to feel what Nazareth is”

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Cafe Abu Salem
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6143, Nazareth
10:00am - 5:00pm