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Cazanova restaurant israel

Cazanova restaurant serves fresh, healthy and delicious traditional meals. 

they serve shish kebab, falafel, shawarma, fish, hummus, and salads wich is great for quick meals and its just near the Basilica of the Annunciation Church.

a word from the owner:

"Our restaurants are equipped with several high-grade rotisseries where our signature shawarmas are slowly and evenly roasted to perfection!"

the restaurant also serves meals by reservations, like Stuffed zucchini (kousa mahshi) and musch more...

the place is big and usually crowded with Fit's and groups from all over the world, don't worry about finding a seat!

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Cazanova restaurant

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Cazanova restaurant Rank #39 of 80
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Reviews from our community
"Very Good Middle Eastern Food!"
06 April 2019
We stopped free for lunch the food was priced right and was very good. Try the chicken gyro or the falafel, there tasty and filling,
"Convenient Lunch Stop for Tour Group"
25 January 2019
Our guide brought our large tour group to "Caza Nova Restaurant" (as spelled on the signs) in Nazareth for lunch and use of the WC. It's very close to the Basilica of the Annunciation. It is a...
"Good juice drinks"
05 August 2018
A good place to visit when hot, if one wants a cool freshly-made fruit juice drink. The dining area is air conditioned and refreshing. The bathrooms were clean and free to use for customers. I had...
Location Information
Al-Bishara 5, Nazareth, Israel
8:00am - 10:00pm