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The Association of Baptist Churches in Israel (ABC) was established in the early nineteen sixties when three area churches: Nazareth Baptist, Jerusalem Baptist and Baptist Village joined forces to promote each individual church's effort through mutual cooperation and fellowship.
Today, the ABC has approximately 800 baptized members and an overall community of 3000 believers making up 20 churches in Galilee and Central Israel.
Of these churches, 16 are native Arabic speaking churches and the remaining 4 worship in English and Spanish. The ABC is headquartered in Nazareth at the Nazareth Baptist House.
ABC is a member of the European Baptist Federation and the Baptist World Alliance, which is a fellowship of Baptists with a world-wide community of 100 million people to date.
The vision of the ABC is to reach the world with the message of Christ and to proclaim this message by showing love to all people. It seeks to be light and salt in the land where God became flesh and dwelt among us

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