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Mary’s Well is found just below the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in modern-day Nazareth.
The well was positioned over an underground spring that served for centuries as a local watering hole for the Arab villagers.

The well was renovated twice, once in 1967 and once in 2000. The current structure is a symbolic representation of the structure that was once in use, and surrounds it a small garden.

"Mary's Well" or "Ain Maryam", as the locals call it, had been so named since "time immemorial" and that it provided as the city’s main water source for Nazareth Residents and Traverlers.

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Mary's Well Square

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"Put It On Your List. It’s An Easy Walk"
20 January 2020
This is one of two places that both believe is where the angel spoke to Mary. It is located at Mary’s Square and is fairly easy to find. There was no water running when we were there. It’s a shame it...
"An angel approaches Mary"
07 January 2020
This is part of the premises of the Church of the Annunciation. Looks ordinary and somewhat un-maintained as you feel like there should be a running water on it for symbolical purposes and some...
"Nothing historic"
06 January 2020
If you're in the area you might as well take a look. There is no water running here. This is just a place where water had run in the past. There are also 2 churches close by to visit relating to...
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