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Kahloon Restaurant is located behind Mary's well front of the greek orthodox church , allowing visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of Nazareth in heart of the old city.

The Building was built by the grandfather of the owner, who runs the family restaurant and the atmosphere.
Historical importance of the place hanging with TIMELINESS.

Celebration of food and drink at the window based on the unique concept of serving dishes to the table - a burning grill where diners grill the pieces by taste .

The restaurant's menu includes grilled meats , fish , seafood and delicious Mediterranean dishes. Throughout the day can also enjoy audited very luxurious window .
The music playing in the background completes the experience - pop, rock and of course songs from the musical of the Farose .

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Kahloon Restaurant

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Reviews from our community
30 March 2023
Reminds me of my mom's cooking when I was sick from home. The service is wonderful and very friendly, so I highly recommend taking your family and friends to eat here👍
"Tasty food in the heart of Nazareth"
26 December 2019
Very nice restaurant in the heart of Nazareth. Friendly stuff and owner. And the food is really really tasty!! We were there after Christmas and the view is beautiful from the restaurant to the...
"One of the worst experiences"
21 December 2018
Was very disappointed with the quality of food and high prices. There was only one waitress and obviously the service was slow. The salad is far from being fresh, the juices in the salad made it more...
Location Information
Al-Bishara 55
10:00am - 11:30pm