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CINEMANA has been established to promote culture and identity among the Arab masses in the country, by facilitating the funding of cultural works that extend from the Arab conscience. Our cinema publishes various cultural and creative works, including film shows, concerts, and plays.
Through a promotional system to facilitate the delivery of works in Qatar, Cinema offers a range of cultural and recreational services including virtual reality systems, electronic gaming systems, inflatable games, games, and challenges.

Cinemana offers its services through a cultural center under the name of Cinema in the city of Nazareth, which includes an external hall, including cinema through the systems of mobile cinema and giant screens and other musical, play and different arts through the production and promotion of such performances in different areas in the country.

Built into a vision of cinema, created places that combine the enrichment of different cultural works and provide a warm environment supportive of those works in the center of which will be cafe and restaurant.

Cinemana has established its first center in the city of Nazareth, which includes a showroom, restaurant and café.

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Location Information
6026 St 15, Nazareth